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Congestive Heart Failure Care (CHF)

Kind Human Senior Care will work with your doctor to help you manage heart failure symptoms so you can stay at home and reduce your chance of going back to the hospital.


Congestive Heart Failure Elder Care

When your heart isn’t able to pump enough blood to keep up with your body’s needs, everyday activities like walking and climbing stairs can be difficult. Most seniors prefer to live at home even though they are dealing with a chronic disease like heart failure.


  • Outcome monitoring shows our heart failure patients are less likely to go back to the hospital. They’re also more likely to see improvements in breathing, walking and the ability to do daily tasks.

  • Our approach to care is backed by the latest research so you receive high-quality heart failure care.

  • Kind Human Senior Care offers personalized care planning tailored to your needs and level of functioning.

  • We’re focused on helping you be as independent as possible in managing your heart failure symptoms.

We empower our elders through:

  • Education about your medications and how to manage heart failure

  • Changes in diet and nutrition

  • Improvements in strength and mobility

  • A daily exercise routine

  • Management of worsening symptoms

  • Education for your caregiver, so they will be included in your heart failure care plan

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