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Elder Care Transportation

Senior transportation services to maintain independence

For many seniors, getting out to attend community events, see friends, run errands and visit healthcare professionals is part of living the highest quality of life. We understand that maintaining independence is important – especially for those that don’t have the desire or ability to drive. Access to transportation can also help our elders maintain a connection with family, friends and other loved ones.

Highly trained Kind Humans Senior Care caregivers can provide a better option for reliable, safe elderly transportation - ensuring that seniors experience the level of freedom and mobility that they desire.

Kind Human Senior Care can provide rides for seniors and transportation for daily activities, including:

  • Getting to and from appointments, including doctor appointments and follow-up visits

  • Running errands and grocery shopping

  • Meeting friends and social activities

  • Visiting family

Kind Human Senior Care elder transportation services allow loved ones to go where they want without worrying about driving, traveling alone or relying on public transportation. If seniors wish to see a loved one's game or window shop at the mall with a companion, Kind Human Senior Care will be there every step of the way.

In addition, our professional caregivers are well-trained and ready to provide your loved one with a clean home environment, fresh-cooked meals, personal assistance, and to handle errands and shopping for those that prefer to remain at home. 


Uplifting care and support during post-hospital transitions home

Kind Human Senior Care can provide transportation home from a hospital or facility, to scheduled follow up appointments and therapy sessions, and can transport clients who want to run errands or participate in social activities but can’t drive during their recovery. To learn more about post-hospital care services, contact us HERE or call us direct at: 830-253-0014.

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